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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Be yourself and you'll be cool

This weekend we are going to look at a house in Southern Illinois to possibly buy. This is nearly two hours away from where we are currently living. So I decided to tell my mom the good news [or so I thought] She was extremely upset. She said that she didn't want us to move. We currently live an hour away from her and we don't go see her but once a month. Maybe 2 if there is something special going on up her way. She made it out like she isn't going to get to see the boys that much. She wouldn't see them any less than what she sees them now.

She gets upset when I tell her certain things. Like if we are going on vacation or doing something fun. She'll say, "Why don't you ask your dad if he wants to go." My dad usually says no. He doesn't want to go because he's disabled. He can't walk for long distances and he's too stubborn to get a wheel chair. She won't go without him. So then she tries to give us negative comments about what we are doing to get us to change our minds. I'm leaning that she's jealous that we get to do things and she doesn't. With the house situation I think she's upset because we are in a better position than what her and my dad was when they were my age...or even right now.

She's making me feel really guilty about moving. I can't let her bring me down about it. I talked to her again today about it and she said 'well you know how I feel about you moving" Every time we have went and looked at houses to matter where she brings on the negative comments. I really think that she doesn't want us to buy a house. I think that if we moved to Southern Illinois and we rented a house she'd be fine. That's not the case. She was ok when we moved to St. Louis and she was ok when we moved to where we are at now...because we're renting.

My dad and her didn't buy their first house until I was in the 4th grade. The only reason was because my dad got a settlement from a major accident at his work {which is why he's disabled}.

My dad couldn't be happier for us. He wants to go with us to see the house. I would love for him to go but my mom will have to come. I know she'll ask a million questions to find the flaws. I'm going to have to sadly tell my dad I don't think they should come. I know he'll understand and will probably be just as happy if I email him pictures.

Anyways I can't wait to see the house!

What I'm listening: Something by Wow Wow Wubzzy....Why is this still on when my kids are sleeping?!
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