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Monday, May 31, 2010

Imported old blogs

I found out that that I could import my old blogs. I have a TON of blogs out here. I jumped around a lot. I was able to import other blogspots. I've been wanting to close those blogs, but I couldn't because of the memories. Now I can! Yay!

I have a few at xanga, 1 at dear diary, and 1 at livejournal (my first blog and I had it for year.) I'll see if I can export them later into the right files.

I went through stages of my life where the blog was something to do with my life at that time. Not smart. I had juicycouturemom here at blogspot....because I was obsessed with Juicy Couture. I still love JC, just not as much. Crazylilcupcake because that's my poodle's registered name. I still have her and love her, but that's not ME.

my3lilbirds at blogspot will be my permanent blogging place. Promises is promises. I like my url. It's fitting. I will always have them. We all love Bob Marley in this house. Fender's middle name is even Marley. So this one will be my final home.

Memorial Day BBQ at my parents

Every year my parents throw parties for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. It's a time to get together with family. If it wasn't for their parties, I wouldn't see a lot of my family from my dad's side. So it's nice to go, just to catch up.

It was the first time that they all got to see Fender. Everyone, Ohh and Ahh -ed over him. They commented on how he is a calm and mellow baby he is! It's true. He's such a pleasant baby.

Hunter enjoyed playing with his cousins, as always. Ryder is a little shy and doesn't join in just yet. He'd rather go off and look for one of my dad's outside cats.
My parents have a four-wheeler and apparently some of the kids thought they were going to ride it.
We left around 7. Hunter didn't want to go home. He cried and cried. He wanted to continue playing with Tyler. Tyler is the oldest boy in the above picture.

When we got home there was still a little bit of daylight left. We let Hunter and Ryder play outside.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My first post

This is my first post here. My blog will be about my adventures with my "three little birds!"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life protects me feeling the finality

It's starting to feel like summer! I'm so excited. Summer means getting out of the house more often. Next weekend, our town is having, Country Days. It's a fun little fair, that Farmington holds every year.
 Last year was our first year going, since it was our first year living here.

I got a hotslings in the mail today. I ordered it from Cotton Babies. I wanted to make it easier to take three boys to a fair (well anywhere, not just a fair.) It's very hard trying to push a stroller over the hoses that run all across the ground. A full sized stroller is not ideal! Ryder can be in his small little umbrella stroller. Fender is alseep in the sling right now! I'm so glad that I decided on this one. I kept going back and forth between this and an Ergo. Yes, they are very different. I just couldn't decide. I decided to go with the cheaper route. If he didn't like to be carried, then oh well....Well it doesn't matter because he seems to love it. I'll probably look into buying more carriers now.

I decided to try out Flip diapers. I just received them today. I tried to take a picture of Fender in the Flip. Ryder wanted to join in! Ryder isn't into getting his picture taken these days. So I was happy that he wanted his picture taken.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jumpin' in the dumpster with pepe, ole!

Yesterday started out so bad. I needed to do so many things before we left for Hunter's photoshoot. Billy had to work, so I was alone to do it all.

I had two loads of clothes to wash and a load of cloth diapers. I manage to get them washed. The clothes aren't put up yet though. I'm saving them for tomorrow.

Ryder found a can of Oust and thought it was hair spray. He sprayed it all in his hair. He was trying to fix his hair apparently.

Oreo had diarrhea in my living room. Awesome. Somehow he managed to let loose near Fender's bassinet. Thankfully, he did not get any on it.

I managed to get a shower while Hunter and Ryder were watching TV in the living room. (Fender was sleeping.) I came back and they took a few pieces of the sectional apart.

I told Hunter to jump in the shower. Ryder took off because he hates the shower. Hunter had to grab some of his Hot Wheels so they could run through the 'car wash.'  I found Ryder and took him to the shower. He screamed and threw a fit. He slipped in the shower. Boy did I feel bad. I forced him to take a shower and he fell : ( He got over it fast. As soon as he was washed up I got him out. I let Hunter go back to playing.

I managed to get myself dressed, hair straighten, and make up on. I got Hunter and Ryder clothed. Billy got off work and got Fender ready for me and he got diapers ready.

We got out the door and I knew that I forgot something. I went back into the house to figure out what it was. I couldn't remember. Got the car started and realized that I forgot my nursing cover. I ran and got it. We then headed to the park. It took us a bit to figure out where it was set up.

There was quite a few kids that was there. The shoot was set up so the kids couldn't see the parents. That way they would sit and listen to the photographer. Hunter did well for awhile. Billy, Ryder, Fender, and I just sat on the ground enjoying the day.

 Hunter is the kid standing up. He was helping the magician do a trick.

My adorable husband

Out of nowhere Hunter comes running at us telling us that he had to go pee. Great. No bathrooms were around. We're out in the middle of no where at a state park. I couldn't spot a nasty little outhouse for him to go in. There was too many people around for him to go on a tree. I had to find a cup in the car. I told him to pee in it. I think he did pretty well for the first time ever going in a cup. Only a little got on my car seat. Gross! I need to steam clean it tomorrow.

When Hunter was done we went to Sonic and got some shakes and a banana split. Shakes are buy one get one free! So that was cool. When we got home it was pretty peaceful. Hunter and Ryder played, Fender slept, and Billy and I spent some time together. F

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Well open up your mind and see like me

Fender has been smiling for over a week now. 

So here is his first smile that was photographed!

We took Hunter to see Bigfoot the monster truck. This is his favorite monster truck! Thankfully, we are able to catch the truck quite a bit since it's from St. Louis!

Hunter in the tire.

Hunter getting his shirt signed by one of the drivers. It's actually a Bigfoot shirt we bought at a show a few months ago.

I think the driver was impressed that Hunter was wearing a Bigfoot shirt and he had a BF monster truck toy. I don't think that there are too many BF fans out there these days.

Fender next to a tire. His first monster truck picture! There will be many more to come! Haha!

Here is Billy and Ryder next to the hauler

Fender has finally got a little chunk in his legs for babylegs!

I guess I'm done for now. I have to finish up the laundry, clean the kitchen and living room, bathe the kids, and get them ready to go to Hunter's magazine shoot tonight.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Three tears I've saved for you

While Billy was driving today he noticed that Bigfoot the monster truck was sitting at outside a store. I guess we'll be taking Hunter (and Ryder) to see it. Hunter loves monster trucks. I think Ryder just likes them because Hunter likes them. 

Tomorrow Hunter has to go to a state park near us to have a photo shoot for a local magazine.  So that should be exciting. This magazine is having some kids watch a magician.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

R.I.P. Matt

A guy that I went to school with passed away on May 14. He died in his sleep. He had a heart condition. 

He just graduated law school on the 8th.

Quite a few people have died from my graduating glass (2003!) and none have affected me like Matt's death. I just can't but think how life is unfair. He touched so many lives. He was a genuinely nice guy.

Forever rest in peace Matt.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Keep your eyes wide on this short ride

Ryder's birthday went well. We spent the day together as a family!

 The boys
Billy helping Ryder blow out his candles.
Ryder's favorite present out of everything...a blanket!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The halo on your head was held on by horns

On Monday Fender had to go to the hospital to retake his hearing test. Thankfully, he passed!

Yesterday Fender had a doctor's appointment, because he's 1 month old! We all went as a family. Fender now weighs 10 lbs. 3 oz and he's 21 1/4 inches. I love our doctor and I am so glad that I found her!  We've seen many doctor's in the past and there is none like her. She's so nice to the boys and genuinely loves kids. She always has a pure smile on her face whenever she sees the boys. She always gives Hunter and Ryder stickers when they tag along for appointments that aren't theirs.


After the doctor we went to Dairy Queen to get something to eat and so the boys could play on their playground. They had a good time while Billy and I ate outside. It was incredibly nice outside yesterday!

Hunter showing off his sticker from the doctor's office.
One of the only decent pictures that I got of them together in a long time!
When we got home we went strait to working on the garage to prepare for the yard sale. We got the garage done. I just need to go through each room one more time for a final round up of things that I don't need. I keep de-cluttering every time I go into a room to look. It's a very good feeling to get rid of junk that is just taking up space. I made a rule that most items that haven't been touched in 6 months GOES! We got rid of a lot of toys. It's going to look like Toy's R Us threw up in our yard. There is seriously a lot!

I'm fairly certain that it's not going to happen on Friday. The weather looks like it's going to storm really bad.

The entire time Billy and I cleaned the garage, Hunter and Ryder washed the car. Fender slept for the majority of the time. 

The boys washing the car.

With Ryder we took his picture next to a stuffed animal every month. That way we could compare his growth every month. We are doing the same thing with Fender.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

One taste of you my magdalena

Happy Mother's Day!

 I woke up this morning and found an email from Billy. He had to work this morning :( 

happy mothers day. your so beautiful and a great mother and wife we love you with all of our hearts. take it easy today ill do the cleaning kisses

He's so sweet!

I took a few pictures the other day. I love taking pictures of my kiddos!
A little weird tidbit about me...I always use a time stamp on my pictures. I flip out if the camera didn't put it on there for some reason. It helps me organize my pictures when I print them out and put them into a photo album.


Ryder woke up and then fell back asleep on the couch.

Hunter playing in his Cozy coupe.

Ryder looking at Hunter. Hunter ran back inside because he seen a "scary" bug. lol. Hunter isn't fond of insects and spiders!
Fender in his stroller. We all took a walk around our subdivision on Wednesday. It was gorgeous outside!

Since it's Mother's Day, I wanted to share some guilt I have. As I mentioned Ryder's birthday is on the 13th. We barely got him any presents. He has been so hard to shop for this year!

One reason is that we already have lots of toys that we bought Hunter in the past. I asked for suggestions for presents for him online. Anything someone mentioned we already have. Another reason is that he doesn't really play with a lot of toys. He loves Mega bloks and playing in water. We ended up getting him some Melissa and Dough blocks and a water table. I know he'll like those. The other stuff I ordered off Amazon,  I hope he'll like it.

I'm going to go to Famous Footwear and get him a new pair of sandals either tomorrow or Tuesday. JcPenenny only had 2 pairs in his size. I didn't like either. So the search continues...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Switching command just because I can

I'm so flippin' busy these days. Not in a bad stressful way though. I'm just enjoying being a mom to three boys now! Trying to figure out how to split myself three ways between the kids and the hubby!

I'm patiently waiting for Billy to get off of work. He's bringing Chinese takeout home! He should be here any minute.

On a side note Ryder is turning 2 in 6 days!

Once we are done eating, we are going to go out and look for Ryder some birthday presents. JcPenny is having a doorbuster sale right now. I'm going to pick him up some sandals. He's obsessed with shoes!
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