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Monday, March 30, 2009

I stood atop this world alone without a scratch

This is a really annoying (possibly funny) subject where I don't know what to do. Hunter won't stop wearing Ryder's clothes. Ryder wears 12-18 months. Hunter wears a 4T shirt and 3T pants. He's trying to wear Ryder's clothes around the house for the last 3 weeks or so. Since he's so skinny he can get Ryder's clothes on, but they are short. The shirts end up being belly shirts and the pants are capri length. When we go out I make Hunter put on his own clothes. He starts crying and tells me that they are too big. He now thinks that a shirt that lets his stomach hang out is the right size. I don't wear shirts like that, so I'm not influencing him.
Yesterday, we went grocery shopping. I had to take Ryder's clothes of Hunter and put his own clothes on. He cried for at least 10 minutes. I don't know what to do. I've let him go shopping and buy whatever clothes that he likes. In hope that because he picked it out, he'd wear it. Nope.

I guess I'm going to have to install the child safety things on Ryder's dresser. I don't know what to do about his closet though.

What I'm listening to: Skunx by Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The fairy tale slowly fades to black

Ryder is going to be the proud owner of these! I found an auction on ebay where someone was auctioning them both of with free shipping. Awesome score! His Toys R Us gifts came in today. They are all already hidden in my closet. Obviously, I'm not worried about Ryder finding them. I'm worried about Hunter. He doesn't normally go in there.

My mother in law is coming here this weekend. Which means I have to take precautions with hiding my things. One of his sister may take something. It's happened before. It's a pain in the butt having to worry if someone is going to steal while they are here. Maybe she won't come? She's been willingly living in a car with her boyfriend. Even though MIL says she can stay there. The worst part of the situation is that she has a 6 month old daughter. She doesn't take care of her. Her daughter stays with MIL. Kinda cool considering she tried her hardest to get pregnant.

I have to go now. Ryder is done jumping in his horse.

What I'm listening to: Collusionist by Most Precious Blood

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The salt from my eyes burn

This morning I had to go grocery shopping. I really liked the store. I got organic ketchup for $1.83. I usually pay $3.89 at an all natural store. :thumbs up to that: Fruit is cheaper there than Walmart, besides bananas. It's a 11 cents difference. Oh well. I dislike Walmart a lot and would rather not go there. I'm happy now that I have no reason to go there at all.

Today has been kinda a kick back day. It was nice and relaxing.

Ryder usually makes a big fuss when I look into his mouth to check out his teeth. Not today! He has two more coming in on both sides of his top front teeth. This will make 6 total once they are in. No wonder he's been biting me a lot more lately. I should have figured.

Billy was asked to come in early for the rest of the week. 2 hours before his normal shift starts. He went in early yesterday, but he told Tom that he wouldn't be able make it at the time they wanted. We really needed to get things done around the house and they couldn't do anything about it since they didn't give him a huge notice. Sometimes him being in a union is a huge lifesaver. About 30 minutes before Billy had to leave for work, Tom calls him. Telling him that 'we have a problem, you can't say that you're not going to be in when we tell you. You are going to get an occurrence." An occurrence is Pepsi's tardy system. Billy was mad and he called the head union guy on the way to work. They had a meeting with John. The main guy who runs Pepsi here. John took away the occurrence that Tom gave him. They finally sorted out some problems that has been going on with what time they want Billy to come in. I'm so glad that Billy finally stood up for himself and everything got fixed. He decided not to get take the bid on the driving job. John did say that if he wants Billy to get his CDL soon and he will still pay for it.

I'm done now. My kitty came out of my room. She's very antisocial. She must finally willingly want attention.

What I'm listen to: Whether to Cry or Destroy by Shai Hulud

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yo Gabba Gabba!

Our house is obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba. I remember the first episode that I seen. It had the Aquabats playing Pool Party. I was amazed that they were on a kids show. I loved them in high school. I was intrigued with them since Travis Barker used to be their drummer before being in Blink 182. Blink 182 is pretty much my all time favorite band (besides AFI) and has been since 1998. Ok back to YGG. I was amazed to find out that The Aquabats are co creators of this amazing kids show. I was also thinking that the character Muno look vaguely familiar. Then I realized that Muno looks like a creature from The Aquabats video Super Rad.

I think that it's really cool that my kids (even 10 month old Ryder) loves YGG. It's awesome that a band I loved made a TV show my kids like. An awesome tidbit of information is that Ryder was born while YGG was on. Seriously. Look.

Hunter took this picture while my dr. was getting ready. You can see the boombox on the TV screen. I guess Ryder was destined to like the show lol.

I could only wish my kids would skank while cleaning their room like this video.

Note the Aquabats doll at 40 seconds lol! Also it's the song is sung by Alex Desert from Hepcat. Most people know him in his role Jake (the blind man) from Becker.

Yo Gabba Gabba! - Pick It Up (GOGO13)

Anyways we are so excited that new episodes start airing April 3rd. The episode that airs that day is "New Friends" staring Jack Black. I've seen clips and pictures from that episode and it looks like it'll be a good one! Watch it!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Started as a sketch in my notebook

Yesterday. Hunter ended up just going to my parents. We decided to take Ryder with us. My mom had to go to my aunt's house to look through some things that belonged to my grandma. I knew my mom would be occupied doing that. We dropped Hunter off at my aunts. Then Billy, Ryder, and I went to the consignment sale. We got a great deal on some toys and vhs tapes. I got the boys a washer, dryer, ironing board combo. Hunter loves it. I pretty much finished up the boys Easter baskets. I just want to get them some swimming shorts. That way they'll be ready for the water park this summer.
My dad gave us a gift certificate to Olive Garden for Christmas. We finally got to use it. Usually the wait to eat is like an hour. It was only 5 minutes.

Right now we are waiting for Billy to get home from work. There was overtime available for him today doing b.s. around. I hope he's not too late. I need to go grocery shopping.

What I'm listening to: Bombtrack by Rage Against the Machine

All the birthday jazz.

Even though Ryder's birthday is a month and a half away, I'm about done shopping for him. Last night I was browsing Toys R Us and they had an awesome deal going on. $10 off your order of $75 or more if you pay with paypal. I decided to look at Yo Gabba Gabba stuff and they were on sale. I scored big time. I'm nervous though, because it says 'pending' next to the transaction on my paypal account. One time I ordered some things at Bloomingdales when they had 50% off their clearance. Because they didn't have 1 of my items in stock they canceled my entire order. By the time they canceled it they were sold out of the other things that I ordered.
I just got him a Dance Mat off ebay for $10. It's $24.99 at Target. There are only a few more things that I'm going to get him. Hopefully ebay will be where I can get most of them.

Toodee Drivin friends. (He has the other 4)
Thomas the Train riding toy
Dancing Brobee
Yo Gabba Gabba bedding set
Brobee chair...there is like 4 on ebay for like $40. I'm holding out and crossing my fingers that I'll find one in a store soon. Chairs like that with Dora and such on them cost $24.99.

After Ryder Hunter's bday is June 9th. He's not getting much because he's getting a Jeep power wheel. He said that he wants a big garbage truck that Toys R Us has. That may be it. Plus he wanted to camping for his bday. I am sooooo not a camper, but if he wants to go, we'll go. We'll invite whatever family members of ours that wants to go.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Burning like a candle at the end of its wick

I'm excited. Tomorrow is a busy shopping day. First Billy and I are going to drop the boys off at my parents. My mom said that she'd watch them while we go out. First there is a huge consignment kids sale I want to go to. There is suppose to be over 50,000 items. I can't wait. It only happens 2 times a year. I usually forget about things like this. Thankfully, I put it on the calender on my phone. We need to go to Toys R Us, because I found out that they have Yo Gabba Gabba bowls, cups, and silverware. It'll be a good birthday present or Easter basket item for Ryder. I'm not sure which one yet. Most likely Easter. Thanks to Tess I found out that they are having a Little People event there tomorrow. Free DVDs are being given out. I know we are going to the Juicy store after those two. Then we are going to Once Upon a Child to look at spring clothes for the boys.

Ok. It's dinner time for the boys. Hunter wants tomato soup and grilled cheese lol.

For the record: I love pandora radio. I like that I can listen to Rancid, AFI, and like music for free.

What I'm listening to: I Wanna Riot by Rancid

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day

Ryder is wearing his green bumgenius

Don’t believe what you’ve been told

It's been a few days since I updated.
Saturday, I went with my mom to go to Macys. They ended up being closed already. They sold everything in the store before Sunday. Figures. I mean it was 90% off. We walked around Crestwood mall. It's kinda sad what it has become. It used to be the best mall around. Before West and South county got bigger. My mom counted like 55 stores out of business. I know never to waste my time going there again. We went to Target and Toys R Us after. I got the boys some Easter basket goodies. Well Mainly Ryder. He got a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba things for his basket. He's very interested in the show. I swear that he has said Muno a couple of times. Billy heard it too.
Sunday. We stayed home and kinda cleaned. We mainly listed unwanted things on ebay.
Yesterday was so nice. The boys and I went out side to play for awhile.

Billy decided that he wants to be a driver at his work now. He put a bid on a position yesterday. He'll get it. He has the most seniority out of most of the people there. Especially who wants it. So he now has to get his CDL. It's not horrible I guess. He already knows how to drive the trucks. Plus Pepsi pays for him to take the test. If they didn't it'd cost him $500.
We went to Walmart this morning to get a few things. I'm gonna have Hunter help me in a bit make green jello.
I'm super excited for this weekend. Juicy Couture is having a friends and family sale. 25% off almost everythings. We'll be going to Frontenac to go shopping at the Juicy store!
Ryder is waking up from his nap. Got to go.

What I'm listening to: Gotta Go by Agnostic Front

Friday, March 13, 2009

I hope that I will never let you down

Contract negotiations are over with for Billy. Everyone excepted the contract, thankfully. I was hoping that they wouldn't go on strike. They all get a bonus for signing today. They usually get IRAs every year (which is a measly 1.6K) now they are turning into 401k. Which is awesome. Billy already has a big chunk from when he worked in St. Louis, since they had that there. Because negotiations took so long Billy has to work tomorrow.

Eck. I really wanted to go to my friends bbq. Well I still may go by myself and the kids. I also want to go to Macys. One near me is closing down on Sunday. They liquidated everything to 90% off! I'm pretty sure my mom wants to go to. So I'll for sure go, if she wants to.

I can't wait for Monday. Billy should be returning to his regular shift. If, Shawn, gets out of the hosital by then. Oh, I assume his eyes were watery because he was crying. Mike gets back from vacation.

So, I opened up my playlist of music. Thanks to Billy, I have a ton of music like Journey. Oh joy.

EPP! Scratch the bbq. My friends brother's wife is in labor. The baby will be 8 weeks early. They lost a son not too long after I lost Camille. I hope that everything will be alright. The dr. said that the baby boy is 5lbs and everything should be fine if he comes early.

What I'm listening to: The Artist in the Ambulance by Thrice

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gorgeous eyes shine suicide


Billy's job just got worse. Billy called me on his 2nd lunch break (yes, he worked that long so he gets two full half hour lunch breaks on top of numerous 15 minute breaks) He tells me that his boss took one of the guys, Shawn, to the hospital. Because he eyes were watery? I dunno. At that point, his boss and Shawn were in the waiting room at the hospital for 2 hours. So that makes Billy's night even longer. He'll pull like a 16 hour shift by the time he's done. Well Billy just texted me to tell me that Shawn ended up going to a mental hospital! Srsly!

What I'm listening to: Summer Shudder by AFI

I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die

While my diapers are in the washer, I wanted to vent a little. Eck here goes.

Billy's job drives me crazy. They "promoted" him 2 weeks ago. I say promoted as loosely as possible. His boss called him 3 weeks ago and said " Billy, I have to ask you a question about how something will effect your life." Billy asked him what it was. His boss said that he'd like for him to have a new position. His hours would change to11:30 am - 8pm. His hours were 4pm-12:30am (he barely got out at 12:30 because they can't leave unless their job is finished) So the hours weren't that great. Billy was tired of working his shift because he felt like he was working with kindergartners who fought almost their entire shift. Anyways, Billy accepts. Found out that for a few weeks he'd get a pay decrease. He'd loose his title of Assistant warehouse manager, so he couldn't get paid that amount anymore. Whatever. Billy is promised that when contracts are signed, his wage will go up. He couldn't have the pay increase at the time, because they just added the new position. Contracts are this Friday, so he doesn't know what kind of increase he'll get. So Billy is suppose to get off at 8pm every night. So far, he's only got off at that time a few times. They haven't permanently replaced him at his old position. They took a driver off of his route and made him the extra help in the warehouse. This guy doesn't know what he's doing. The rest of the guys are slow. Billy has to stay to help them get out at a decent time. Which is bullshit. The way his job sees it is that he's working overtime at a very good rate, so he shouldn't complain. Well he barely gets to see his kids during the week because of this. Most nights he gets off at 10:30. Well not tonight. He'll be working from 11:30-past midnight. Why? Because they are shorthanded. 1 driver and 1 warehouse guy is on vacation this week. The extra help the warehouse had, is picking up the driver on vacation's route. So the warehouse is short handed 2 people. Eck. I don't get it. He works for Pepsi. They are a BIG company. They can easily hire more people. They don't though. Instead, my husband, gets screwed every which way. Simply, because he is capable of doing every thing that has to do with Pepsi (at his location)
Going back to why I said it's hardly a promotion. One of the big managers (Tom) decided to pretty much make Billy his bitch. Billy is there to make Tom's day so much easier. That way he can sit on his butt in his office. Which really wouldn't be that bad if he was able to get off at the time he was promised. Billy doesn't want to complain yet until contracts are done. They could easily take the position away from him. It should have went up for bid. Some how it didn't. Tom wanted Billy for this position because he knew Billy would do everything without complaining. Tom by passed union rules somehow to get Billy to be his bitch.

I'm done now.

What I'm listening to: Folsom Prison Blues by Mike Ness (Johnny Cash cover)

The change lies there with in ourselves

Both of my kids are taking a nap {squeel!} This has happened like 5 times since Ryder has been born. I should be putting the dishes away or washing diapers. How can I not enjoy my free time by spending it online. Usually the online time I have is spent NAKing while Ryder tries to touch my keyboard the entire time.

I'm so mad at myself right now. I lost the harness straps to Ryder's highchair. I took them out when he first started using his highchair. They got in the way, when I didn't need to strap him in. Now I need them and can't find them. I've been looking online trying to find a replacement, but no luck. I was told to call Chicco, so I guess that's what I'm going to do. I like to put Ryder in his highchair and give him some snacks while I clean. Well I can't do that right now, because he tries to climb out.

What I'm listening to: Through the Eyes of a Dreamer by Walls of Jericho

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We were lonely wheat quietly ground into grain

My grandma's estate sell went well I guess. There wasn't anything that I really wanted. It was mainly tools and farm equipment that used to belong to my grandpa. I got a breadmaker for $7.50. It doesn't appear that my grandma ever used it. I can't wait to start making bread! Billy got like 100 records for $1. I may start going to estate sales. It seemed kinda neat. I'm sure it'll be funner when you buy a box of miscellaneous items from a stranger rather than your grandparents.

Hunter was suppose to have his tooth pulled today. It didn't happen. I'm pretty peeved about that. He chipped his front tooth when he was 18 months old. He was running around after one of our dogs and he tripped and he face landed right into a leg of one of our chairs in the living room. A dentist told us there was nothing they could do until it turned grey. It did last year. We had it crowed. That fell off a few times. We decided to have it pulled. Hunter was suppose to have his tooth pulled today at 9am. He went a week and a half ago to have xrays of his tooth and he was prescribed amoxicillin just in case he had an infection. I was under the impression that he'd be fully knocked out, because they said that they were going to use nitrous oxide. I haven't had too many cavities or whatever, so I guess I'm not sure how the dentist works. So I guess it could be my fault. I just know when I got my wisdom teeth cut out they knocked me out with nitrous. So I assumed when his dentist said they'd use nitrous, he'd be knocked out.
Anyways. We get there. They have Hunter sit on Billy's lap. They give him nitrous. Then they tried giving him a shot. Hunter jerked his head and they said they weren't going to pull his tooth. That was it. No second chance trying to give him the shot. They didn't even warn Hunter or Billy what they were about to do. They just tried to sneak attack Hunter with a shot. Serious what is a kids initial reaction going to be? So they recommend us to a dentist that is an hour and a half away that will put him out. They never once told us that it may not work out and we'd have to go somewhere else. We'll have to make the drive for the initial visit and then go back for his surgery date.
So it's quite aggervating. Hunter has been sleeping for the past 4 hours, because the nitrous did make him tired afterwards.

I have a love hate thing going on with living near a hospital. I hear sirens and helicopters daily...well maybe hourly. It gets rather annoying. At the same time I'm thankful that there is one near by, just in case.

What I'm listing to: Torches Together by MEWITHOUTYOU

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cuttin' up limes with a dull butter knife

It's been really nice out the last two days. Especially today. I think it was like 70? The boys and I went outside to play both days. Not so much yesterday, because it was windy. Today I found out that Ryder does not like grass. I put him down and he freaked out. He wouldn't get off my lap. He just clung to my neck. I ended up putting him in Hunter's cozy coupe. I think he enjoyed that.

I've been trying to get things ready for tomorrow. They are holding an estate auction for my grandma's things. She died last January and they are finally doing it. Thankfully, it's going to be nice tomorrow. We need to get there at 8am. Sadly, the kids and I wake up after that. See, we don't have a normal schedule. The boys go to bed around 11-midnight and we wake up at 10:30 am. If we didn't do it this way, the boys may not be able to see Billy at all during the week. He has odd hours of 11am-8pm (but can be longer if he is needed, which is pretty much everyday)

So those hours that Billy works sucks. I mean he usually works 12 hours a day or more. I'm pretty tired of it. It's frustrating when I need help at home and he can't be here. Eck.

What I'm listening to: Loco Grongos like a Party by The Reverend Horton Heat

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The decay of a species cure this worlds will to die.

I'm grossed out and mad. At some point last night Ryder must have did #2 in his diaper. I'm a cloth diapering mama BTW. Billy obviously changed it. He put the dirty diaper in a laundry basket full of clean diapers. He didn't even flick the poo out into the toilet. He just threw the diaper in there. He knows that dirty diapers go into a wet bag, not a laundry basket. So now my diapers need to be washed again because most has poo on them. Eck.

For the record, I would like to state that I hate cilantro. I cooked with it for the first time ever last night in some cheese and bean quesadillas I made for dinner. I should have knew that it would be disgusting by the smell when I was chopping it up. I bit into my quesadilla and yuck.

What I'm listening to: Set the Stage by The Warriors.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Everything you do is a cold blade in my ribs

Since I created a new blog, I figure that I should tell a little about myself?

I'm 24 years old. I'm married {for nearly 5 years} My husband [Billy] and I have 3 kids together.

Hunter [3] He's my little guy, who is hyper but yet lazy. He has his times where he'll drive me up the wall with his non stop talking. At other times, he'll just sit and relax [or sleep]

Ryder [9 months] He is a mommy's boy all the way. He's a bright one. He's been crawling for over 3 months. He's cruising on the furniture for 2 months. He's on his way to walking.

Also there is Camille [who would be 2] She is our angel. When I was 20 weeks pregnant with her, we found out that she had a chromosome abnormality that was incompatible with life. She lived for 10 minutes after I had her on December 7, 2006.

We live in a town that I hate. I live in a town that I never imagined myself being. It's a town where I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. I hardly go out. If I do venture around town, it's to a health food store and WM for the essentials. I hate WM but it's really the only option in this town.

I guess I'm closing this entry to an end. The little ones are getting restless and I need to go.

My titles in my blogs usually are to the lyrics of a song that I'm currently listening to.
Listening to:Blood has been Shed;Of Sand and Sulfur
Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.

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