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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Purging plastic

My husband and I are having a great time ridding our house of items that have toxic materials. We've taken a lot small steps by making our home safer. To list a few things, we use natural personal care products, cleaners, I tossed my plastic mixing bowls, plus a few other simple things.

Over the past year or so my husband and I made the effort of buying safer toys, but we didn't toss out the old. I guess, it was the semi-hoarder in me that couldn't let them go. I set that part of me aside and purged their rooms until I couldn't purge any more. 

Shortly after cleaning their room an unbelievable deal popped up on Amazon, the Plan Toys Eco Town was only $40! I quickly snatched up that deal. 

Amazon has been rolling out amazing green toy deals! I'm starting my storage for birthday presents! 

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