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Friday, January 21, 2011

Project 365: 11-16

For some odd reason, I am not able to update my blog from the dashboard =(
I had to outsmart it!

Day 11
My oldest and my youngest on 1/11/11. Fender turned 9 months old on the 11th! Only three more months and he'll be a year old. :tear: My baby is getting so big.

Day 12
I snapped this cute picture of Ryder while I took him and Hunter out to play. He was a little upset that I wanted to take a picture. It's very hard to take a decent picture of him these days.

Day 13
Fender using a Thinkbaby sippy cup (after eating some tofu.) This is the only sippy cup that he likes. We tried a lot with him.

Day 14
We were on the U-Us (five senses) unit during the time of this picture. I included all the boys on this activity, on our touch day!

Day 15
Macaroni and cheese pizza=the best pizza ever! To me anyways...I'm like a kid when it comes to mac & cheese!

Day 16
Billy and Hunter playing Monster Jam on Wii.

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