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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Project 365: 31-38

Day 31

This is the first day of the historic snow and ice storm. My area, in Missouri, was predicted to get 2 feet of ice on top of 2 inches of ice. The storm shifted and we got about an inch of ice and a couple inches of snow. At the time of this picture, I was getting a bit worried. I didn't want the power to go out, due to the storm. Thankfully, it did not happen.

Day 32
With an inch of ice, this is what our driveway looked like. Ice skating, anyone?

Day 33
My very photogenic dog, Daisy.

Day 34

Ryder still isn't into taking pictures these days, so I'll take what I can get. Even if my husband is looking a little scruffy.
If you are wondering, the hubs now up to par ;)

Day 35
Ice forming on the bird feeder.

Day 36
We finally got a good batch of nice and fluffy snow. I've been promising the boys that we would make snow ice cream, once we have a decent amount of snow. We were finally able to make some. The boys absolutely loved it! I used this simple recipe from Allrecipes.

Day 37

As a former skateboarder, I really love seeing skateboarding brand clothing for kids. I think it's super cute.
BTW Independent is a truck company. They are the part that connects the wheels to the board.

Day 38
Again, Ryder doesn't like his picture taken. He tried putting my lens cover back on my camera.

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