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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project 365: Cupcake Week!

I love cupcakes. Seriously. I'm slightly obsessed with them. My kitchen is decked out in cupcakes! I wanted to share some of my favorites for an entire week.

Day 51
My husband gave me this adorable sprinkle bowl for Valentine's Day!

Day 52
A cupcake cookie jar! There are yummy turtle shaped cookies inside!

Day 53
I have this sign above my sink. The color on my wall is a free sample of Valspar paint. The color I chose is Dusted Gloam. It's a soft pink, nothing too pink!

Day 54
I got this cupcake at an antique shop! Isn't it the cutest?

Day 55
My place mat line up on my kitchen counter!

Day 56This stuffed animal covers my favorite things, (besides my lovely family, of course) Hello Kitty and cupcakes

Day 57This is my little display over my stove. The picture shown is of my 3 lil birds, when my youngest was born.

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