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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

it's been a bit. I'm going to make this short as I possibly can. My father in law was air lifted to a hospital on Thursday. He had a blood sugar level of 1600 (100-ish is normal) Billy wasn't contacted until Friday morning, don't know why. We went to the hospital on Friday to visit. Billy called out of work. We drove 1.5 hours. FIL found out that he was a diabetic. He was told that he was lucky to be alive. We ended up staying at his cousins house in Cape Girardeau because she was going out of town. It helped a lot, so we didn't have to drive to his mom's house (which is 45 minutes away from the hospital) We left on Sunday, which was the day FIL was released. His sugar level was 250 when he left. Hopefully he'll be able to follow his strict diet.

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