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Thursday, August 14, 2008

We did not wake up till about noon today! gasp Ryder was fussy last night and he didn't go to sleep until 2am. Hunter stayed up until midnight. It was easy for Billy to sleep that long, because he didn't get home from work till 5am. 

The age of 3 is kind of annoying. He only likes wearing certain clothes these days. His entire closet is completely full of clothes. I'd say that he only wears 10-15% of them. He throws a fit if he doesn't get to wear what he likes. I can't complain when that pretty much is the only time he throws fits lol.

I'm able to upload the pictures today!

This is Hunter at a park in Cape Girardeau, when we went to visit FIL.

Throwing rocks into the water.

On Monday night I went to my sink in the kitchen, I looked up and found a frog staring backing at me. After I took the picture, I took him outside.

Here is Ryder next to Kenny. He's about as tall as Kenny!

This is him yesterday lounging around.

I thought this one was funny. He held up the frog lol.

Here he is today in his bumbo.

Here is the kittens. The one in the middle is the boy and the other two are girls. 

I really wish that I was able to take more pictures of Hunter. He runs away when I get the camera out today. He used to be such a glory hog and want to get into every pictures.

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