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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I think we finally found a house to settle on. We thought we found the perfect house a few weeks ago. It kinda was, but the pipes were covered in asbestos and it recently had mold removed. Ack. We had signed two different contracts for the place and put down earnest money. Oh well. We looked at one on Sunday that is for sale by owner. Billy went to our real estate agent and got our earnest money back. I'm not thrilled with the area we have to move to. I have to remind myself, it's not forever. It's just something we have to do for now, for Billy's sake. If not, he may fall asleep at the wheel one night. I really hope that one day we are able to settle down in the Branson area. For now I have to settle with living around people that have a different accent than me. More than likely if everything goes as planned and we 100% decide on the place, we will close towards the end of the month.

We will be having a huge yard sale. We've been packing around too much crap for about 5 years now. We need to finally get rid crap that we don't need. If we close towards the end of the month we don't have much time to pack and get rid of stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to do it between taking care of the boys and my pets.  

Since we are living in my parents extra place right now, my dad decided that he may want to sell this place. I've been helping him fix it up. I helped him stain the front deck of our place. He also did the pool, back, and he/we have the side deck to do. Today he decided that he isn't going to sell it anymore and he's going to rent it to a friend of his. My mom is totally against him moving in. Apparently she's afraid my dad may have fun and get a life? She's a little pathetic and she's going to get over it. 

Ryder recently got really bad cradle cap. I picked up something by Gentle Naturals a few days ago. The stuff is awesome and worked instantly! I so wish it was out when Hunter was a baby. He had it bad and really didn't get rid of it until he was about a year old. 

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