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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yesterday morning I had to go to my grandma's for a bunch of complicated bullshit. Lawyers and all that jazz. It went smoothly  while I was there, thankfully. It could have been a horrible experience since one of my aunts was there and she could have made it hell. Well she may have after I left. Billy had to watch the boys while I was gone. Well he watched Ryder pretty much, since Hunter slept the entire time I was gone. I was told Ryder was fussy the entire time I was gone. He's not one to take a

So I'm pretty sure we are buying a house. It scares me making that big of a commitment. What should I care though, right? I mean I'm married and have kids. Those two are huge commitments. I should just take the jump.

I've totally  been forgetting to include a funny quote from Hunter. So this one goes like this:


Me:Whoops you burped.

Hunter:No mommy, I farted out of my mouth.

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