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Friday, September 19, 2008

We pitched the house idea out the window for now. We were told by many people at Billy's job, that the part of the town of the house were was going buy was shit. It kinda sucks not knowing the area that you are buying a house in. We decided to wait till about March to start looking again. Mainly because the union wage is going up by more than half. More money=bigger/nicer/modern house.

We might get a new vehicle tomorrow. A Ford F-150 XLT. We're not 100% sure. We may not have enough time to get it. Well I'm positive now as I'm writing this, we won't have enough time. The dealership is 2 hours away. Billy has a union meeting at 2:30.. Meeting lasts about an hour. It takes Billy an hour to get home. Dealership closes at 5. So it'll probably be a no go...

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