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Saturday, April 3, 2010

I can give you peace of mind with a forced smile

Hopefully my pregnancy is nearing to an end. I lost my mucous plug!

Billy ended up taking Hunter to go clothes shopping. They came back with 3 shorts and 1 shirt. Yup that's enough for spring {insert sarcasm}. At least they did come back with the right sizes. I guess I'll order some clothes online for him.

I really can't wait to have this baby. I'm tired of the phone calls asking if I have had him yet or how I'm feeling. I'm not one that wants to bring attention to myself when I'm pregnant. My mom called me a bit ago. I've already told her to that I will call her if I'm in labor. I was tired of her asking her how I was feeling. She now calls to ask me something stupid. Like today it was, "How to clean to clean a Coach purse." Come on, she doesn't own a Coach purse!

I guess I should be thankful that she does care about her grandkids. That's more than I can say for the other grandma. Billy's mom doesn't seem to care about the boys at all. For example, Billy asked her to go to Toys R Us near her to get Ryder some wooden toys they had on sale. We'd give her the money for them. She said ok. Did she ever to go TRU? NO. Never a mention of the toys again. I mean I could have went to TRU if I knew that I couldn't rely on her.

I do not mean to sound greedy or whatever with this rant about MIL, but she said that she'd send the boys giftcards for Christmas. That way it would be easier to send them in the mail (she lives 2 hours away.) Hunter knew that he was suppose to get it. He had been eying a toy a Walmart. We told him that he can get it when Granny sends him his card. Months later no card. He was upset that she promised and didn't send it. We ended up buying the toy for him. It's not like she doesn't have the money. She's full of broken promises. I think it's a trait that one picks up when you live in Southern Illinois. They have different morals than the rest of the world.

Ok my rant about MIL is over for now. Thankfully I don't see her much. I'm sure that I won't see her when I have Fender. I'm not sure if it'll be a blessing or if it'll hurt Billy that is mom doesn't show up.

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