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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pregnancy update 38w2d

I'm still pregnant. I'm not feeling bad, so I'm not really complaining. At my last doctor's appointment I was 4 cm dilated and 60% effaced...this was Monday. I'm hoping that it'll happen soon though lol. My doctor wanted to induce me yesterday. I said no. I've been induced with all my pregnancies. This is my LAST, and I want to go into labor on my own.

Hunter-I had to be induced 2 weeks early because I had pre-eclampsia.
Camille-I was induced and 40.5 weeks. My body didn't react like I was pregnant due to all the problems that she had.
Ryder-I was induced on my due date. My doctor asked if I wanted to be induced. I said yes. I was so eager to meet the booger after loosing Camille.

I'm slowly packing my overnight bag for the hospital. Sadly, I'm not in a rush to do it though. I live 5 minutes away. If I forget something, Billy or my mom can easily run to get whatever I need.

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