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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Give me a break about some other mess

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo before Billy left for work. No Mexican restaurants were crowded here. I don't know if they don't do it big where I live now or the time of day. Although the time of day in STL wouldn't have mattered. They are usually busy all day long 5/5. Anyways, I wanted to give a new restaurant a try, and wow. I'm glad I did. They had a great vegetarian selection. Although I didn't explore any other options outside of my regular bean burrito and cheese enchilada. That way I would know if they were good or not. I've had plenty of those in my days.

Here is Billy and the boys today. Not that either of the boys are paying attention.

When we got home we took the boys outside to play for a bit.

Billy called me from work and informed me that he was offered a position at the St. Louis plant. He'd be making about $500 more a week, but I don't know if it's a good choice. He'd be on the bottom with seniority plus the drive is loooong. He's so close to having his boss's job when he retires (which is suppose to be December). It's such a big decision. I think he wants to take it. I really wish that this was offered to him before we moved here 5 months ago. I know eventually we'd move again. I don't like the town we live in, but I'm not ready to move yet. I hate moving so much. I just want to settle down somewhere. I don't care if it's here even though I don't like it all that much. I haven't given it a chance at all. Ever since we've been married we've moved 7 times and we'll be married for 5 years in June. Eck.

I felt the need to be a dork awhile ago. I found Billy's glasses in the bathroom and decided to take a picture. LOL.

What I'm listening to: Back to School by the Deftones.

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