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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

She cured the plague of the holy child

I'm going to try to make of over a week without blogging as short as possible.

The 8th Billy took a personal day. It turned out to be pretty much for no reason. I wanted to go to the Walls of Jericho & Earth Crisis concert. Thursday (the day before STL!) the bass players daughter broke her arm. So they pulled off the tour for a bit. We didn't want to make a waste of Billy calling off so we decided to still do something. So we took the boys to my parents. I was considering on going to a casino. At the last minute...seriously the last minute I got off on the exit for downtown, instead of going to Illinois. I am regretfully posting that Earth Crisis let me down. I wish I didn't go. They were one of the first hardcore bands I listened to. I should have stuck to listening to them on a CD. I did really really like Reign Supreme.

So we all ended up getting horrible head colds on Billy's vacation. We didn't do too much even though we had a lot of plans. It also stormed so freakin' much. Tornado sirens were going on left and right at the beginning of the week.

Monday we went to my friend Krystal's house (And her husband Kelly) while my mom watched the boys. We have been friends since like 1994. It's kinda weird to say that I've been friends with her for like 15 years. Geez. I feel old. I hate that she moved to Desoto pretty much when we moved to Farmington. We used to live in DEsoto and they lived in F-town previously.

Wednesday Ryder turned 1! I made him his cakes. I've never made a birthday cake before. I decided to give it a whirl since no one makes YO Gabba Gabba cakes. We spent the day at home, because of the storms. There was a clearing from a storm for like an hour so we went outside and ate cake and ice cream. It was a pretty pleasant day despite the rain.

Thursday we took the boys to The Magic House. They both loved it. They had a baby area for Ryder. On the way home Krystal asked us to go to the bar with her and Kelly. We decided to go. My mom watched the boys for us. We rode with them. I wasn't in the mood to drink at all. I had like 2 beers and 1 Smirnoff. An old friend of mine showed up there. It was nice seeing her. I had my mom come pick us up. We spent the night at her house. When I woke up I realized that I had left my camera in Krystal's car. Billy drove to their house to get it. It was still early and he didn't want to wake them up. He reached in through their window to unlock the door and as soon as he opened it the alarm went off lol. Kelly came running out of the house in his underwear to see what was going on.

Friday and Saturday we took the time to clean our house.

Billy has finally caught on that me taking my time clipping coupons and printing coupons online is paying off. We got $130 worth of groceries for $80 on Sunday. That was between 3 different places though. I had to get my produce at Aldi's because it's so much cheaper.

I'm going to make a separate post to post pictures from last week.

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