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Thursday, May 21, 2009

There's a hole in the bottom of the sea

So Billy has an interview in St. Louis tomorrow at 10 am for that job. He doesn't know any details what so ever. Pay & hours mainly...

He's got a good chance at the position because he has experience with the job he's applying for. Which no one would have if anyone in STL applied for the job. Anyways, if he gets the job he'll be driving 80 miles one way. I feel like it's too much but it'll possibly worth it with the salary increase. Even though we don't know what the pay is yet it will be more than what he makes now.

Here are some factors...

A pay increase. If he would have this position where we live right now he'd make 20k more but with it being St. Louis it may be more. For whatever reason if it's less than what we expect we really need to look at if it's worth it or not.

We get to move back to time, not right away.I'll explain in a bit.

Even though there are only two, they are major ones in my book. There are some minor pros though.

He'll have to pay for insurance if he gets & takes the job. Which is $200+ a month.

We'll have to get a new car. None of our cars has great gas mileage. One is on it's last leg, but that's because it was my high school car lol.

Gas for the 160 miles plus the routine maintenance (and wear and tear on the new car).

I need to add in my shopping addiction may return once I move back to STL so I need to be here with these 'plain jane' people a bit longer to keep me level headed . I feel like I need to set myself to a different standard when I'm there. I don't know why. I'm sure it sounds crazy to you, but I feel that I have to maintain a certain image. I mean I like that image but I used to spend way too much money on it. Here I only have a JCPenny to shop at so it's really helped me.

Anyways I'm super excited about getting to possibly move back to STL but still not at the same time. I hate this town I live in now but I love our condo and the quietness. I also hate moving. We've done it so freaking much. I figured up that we have moved 7 times since Billy and I have been married! We'll be married 5 years in June!

We are in a year lease here (it ends in December), so he's going to have to drive for at least 6 months. We may have to stay here for another 6 months after our lease ends. I'd really like to pay off my PT Cruiser before we move, so that could keep us here the extra 6 months. I'd like to pay off our credit card debt to zero. Rent is a lot higher in STL and I don't want to go back with the little debt we have. When we move this time I have to be really picky about finding the right school district, since Hunter will be going next fall. St. Louis has a lot of great schools and a lot of horrible ones.

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