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Friday, May 1, 2009

I lay strewn across the floor, can't solve this puzzle

Billy called me. He was pretty mad. His job told him that he is now back on nights. The night crew is getting out to late without him there. Maybe picking up their pace should have been the solution. 2 out of the 3 workers on nights are slow. The night boss probably got his way because he complained too much that he needed Billy. Everyone in the warehouse is too dependent on him. It's kinda crappy when he's a good worker, and he can't get a break because of it. You're always told something along the lines of, "Do good and you'll excel." Not at Pepsi. It's more like "Do good and you'll go nowhere...because that's where we need you to make OUR (management) lives more simple."
I feel bad that he can't catch a break there. At least he's treated well. He just can't seem to get out of working nights...or get out of the warehouse. I think it sucks, but I was trying to get him to see the brighter end of this. At least he'll have great checks again. With him working days, we had to cut back on a lot. I was finding lots of ways to cut costs, something that we weren't used to. We didn't complain, because he was home a little more. At least during that time we got used to being more frugal and I learned a valuable thing. We'll be able to save more money, now that we know how to manage it better. Things happen for a reason, maybe that was reason? We were wasteful. Seriously. We threw money away left and right.

Ryder has been on the go for the last 3 weeks. He's walking all over the place. He gets into everything. We found out that Ryder + Thai food = horrible smelly diapers.

Hunter has been so good lately.

Hunter is taking a nap and Ryder is waiting for him to get up. lol. I thought it'd make for a cute picture.

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