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Sunday, May 9, 2010

One taste of you my magdalena

Happy Mother's Day!

 I woke up this morning and found an email from Billy. He had to work this morning :( 

happy mothers day. your so beautiful and a great mother and wife we love you with all of our hearts. take it easy today ill do the cleaning kisses

He's so sweet!

I took a few pictures the other day. I love taking pictures of my kiddos!
A little weird tidbit about me...I always use a time stamp on my pictures. I flip out if the camera didn't put it on there for some reason. It helps me organize my pictures when I print them out and put them into a photo album.


Ryder woke up and then fell back asleep on the couch.

Hunter playing in his Cozy coupe.

Ryder looking at Hunter. Hunter ran back inside because he seen a "scary" bug. lol. Hunter isn't fond of insects and spiders!
Fender in his stroller. We all took a walk around our subdivision on Wednesday. It was gorgeous outside!

Since it's Mother's Day, I wanted to share some guilt I have. As I mentioned Ryder's birthday is on the 13th. We barely got him any presents. He has been so hard to shop for this year!

One reason is that we already have lots of toys that we bought Hunter in the past. I asked for suggestions for presents for him online. Anything someone mentioned we already have. Another reason is that he doesn't really play with a lot of toys. He loves Mega bloks and playing in water. We ended up getting him some Melissa and Dough blocks and a water table. I know he'll like those. The other stuff I ordered off Amazon,  I hope he'll like it.

I'm going to go to Famous Footwear and get him a new pair of sandals either tomorrow or Tuesday. JcPenenny only had 2 pairs in his size. I didn't like either. So the search continues...

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