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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The halo on your head was held on by horns

On Monday Fender had to go to the hospital to retake his hearing test. Thankfully, he passed!

Yesterday Fender had a doctor's appointment, because he's 1 month old! We all went as a family. Fender now weighs 10 lbs. 3 oz and he's 21 1/4 inches. I love our doctor and I am so glad that I found her!  We've seen many doctor's in the past and there is none like her. She's so nice to the boys and genuinely loves kids. She always has a pure smile on her face whenever she sees the boys. She always gives Hunter and Ryder stickers when they tag along for appointments that aren't theirs.


After the doctor we went to Dairy Queen to get something to eat and so the boys could play on their playground. They had a good time while Billy and I ate outside. It was incredibly nice outside yesterday!

Hunter showing off his sticker from the doctor's office.
One of the only decent pictures that I got of them together in a long time!
When we got home we went strait to working on the garage to prepare for the yard sale. We got the garage done. I just need to go through each room one more time for a final round up of things that I don't need. I keep de-cluttering every time I go into a room to look. It's a very good feeling to get rid of junk that is just taking up space. I made a rule that most items that haven't been touched in 6 months GOES! We got rid of a lot of toys. It's going to look like Toy's R Us threw up in our yard. There is seriously a lot!

I'm fairly certain that it's not going to happen on Friday. The weather looks like it's going to storm really bad.

The entire time Billy and I cleaned the garage, Hunter and Ryder washed the car. Fender slept for the majority of the time. 

The boys washing the car.

With Ryder we took his picture next to a stuffed animal every month. That way we could compare his growth every month. We are doing the same thing with Fender.

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