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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jumpin' in the dumpster with pepe, ole!

Yesterday started out so bad. I needed to do so many things before we left for Hunter's photoshoot. Billy had to work, so I was alone to do it all.

I had two loads of clothes to wash and a load of cloth diapers. I manage to get them washed. The clothes aren't put up yet though. I'm saving them for tomorrow.

Ryder found a can of Oust and thought it was hair spray. He sprayed it all in his hair. He was trying to fix his hair apparently.

Oreo had diarrhea in my living room. Awesome. Somehow he managed to let loose near Fender's bassinet. Thankfully, he did not get any on it.

I managed to get a shower while Hunter and Ryder were watching TV in the living room. (Fender was sleeping.) I came back and they took a few pieces of the sectional apart.

I told Hunter to jump in the shower. Ryder took off because he hates the shower. Hunter had to grab some of his Hot Wheels so they could run through the 'car wash.'  I found Ryder and took him to the shower. He screamed and threw a fit. He slipped in the shower. Boy did I feel bad. I forced him to take a shower and he fell : ( He got over it fast. As soon as he was washed up I got him out. I let Hunter go back to playing.

I managed to get myself dressed, hair straighten, and make up on. I got Hunter and Ryder clothed. Billy got off work and got Fender ready for me and he got diapers ready.

We got out the door and I knew that I forgot something. I went back into the house to figure out what it was. I couldn't remember. Got the car started and realized that I forgot my nursing cover. I ran and got it. We then headed to the park. It took us a bit to figure out where it was set up.

There was quite a few kids that was there. The shoot was set up so the kids couldn't see the parents. That way they would sit and listen to the photographer. Hunter did well for awhile. Billy, Ryder, Fender, and I just sat on the ground enjoying the day.

 Hunter is the kid standing up. He was helping the magician do a trick.

My adorable husband

Out of nowhere Hunter comes running at us telling us that he had to go pee. Great. No bathrooms were around. We're out in the middle of no where at a state park. I couldn't spot a nasty little outhouse for him to go in. There was too many people around for him to go on a tree. I had to find a cup in the car. I told him to pee in it. I think he did pretty well for the first time ever going in a cup. Only a little got on my car seat. Gross! I need to steam clean it tomorrow.

When Hunter was done we went to Sonic and got some shakes and a banana split. Shakes are buy one get one free! So that was cool. When we got home it was pretty peaceful. Hunter and Ryder played, Fender slept, and Billy and I spent some time together. F

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