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Monday, May 31, 2010

Imported old blogs

I found out that that I could import my old blogs. I have a TON of blogs out here. I jumped around a lot. I was able to import other blogspots. I've been wanting to close those blogs, but I couldn't because of the memories. Now I can! Yay!

I have a few at xanga, 1 at dear diary, and 1 at livejournal (my first blog and I had it for year.) I'll see if I can export them later into the right files.

I went through stages of my life where the blog was something to do with my life at that time. Not smart. I had juicycouturemom here at blogspot....because I was obsessed with Juicy Couture. I still love JC, just not as much. Crazylilcupcake because that's my poodle's registered name. I still have her and love her, but that's not ME.

my3lilbirds at blogspot will be my permanent blogging place. Promises is promises. I like my url. It's fitting. I will always have them. We all love Bob Marley in this house. Fender's middle name is even Marley. So this one will be my final home.

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