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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life protects me feeling the finality

It's starting to feel like summer! I'm so excited. Summer means getting out of the house more often. Next weekend, our town is having, Country Days. It's a fun little fair, that Farmington holds every year.
 Last year was our first year going, since it was our first year living here.

I got a hotslings in the mail today. I ordered it from Cotton Babies. I wanted to make it easier to take three boys to a fair (well anywhere, not just a fair.) It's very hard trying to push a stroller over the hoses that run all across the ground. A full sized stroller is not ideal! Ryder can be in his small little umbrella stroller. Fender is alseep in the sling right now! I'm so glad that I decided on this one. I kept going back and forth between this and an Ergo. Yes, they are very different. I just couldn't decide. I decided to go with the cheaper route. If he didn't like to be carried, then oh well....Well it doesn't matter because he seems to love it. I'll probably look into buying more carriers now.

I decided to try out Flip diapers. I just received them today. I tried to take a picture of Fender in the Flip. Ryder wanted to join in! Ryder isn't into getting his picture taken these days. So I was happy that he wanted his picture taken.

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