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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1st real post

So this may be my 1st real post here. I haven't had too much time to get around to it yet. I used to use livejournal back in the day and more recently I used Xanga. I still go there from time to time.

Today, I haven't got too much accomplished. I woke up and cleaned for a bit. I still have more to do. I made lunch and woke Billy* up. We went to Wal-Mart to get Ryder** a new bath tub and we ended up walking out with a lot more. $150 more. I'm not too fond of the place but I always end up spending much more than I would like. Hunter*** decided that he wanted a birthday cake. I bargained with him and told him that I would share a $4 one with him if we could go home and make a big cake on our own. It's my fault though. See the last time we went to WM he wanted a Speed Racer cake and I told him that we had to finish his actual bday cake first. I thought I outsmarted the newly turned 3 kiddo, but nope he remembered. Note to self: Don't tell your kid anymore that you'll get it later, because he'll remember.

We hit Sonic on the way home. I got the new banana split blast thing and it was yummy. Darn them for making a banana split in a less messier form that I can have while driving.

I'm usually an avid picture taker. I have to figure out how to open my memory card door on my new laptop. I got a new laptop last week and I didn't read the directions. Computers are self explanitory so I figured it wasn't needed. I have no idea where the USB cable is, so that's not an option.

I must go now. Hunter wants some snacks to eat now.

*Billy=My husband
**Ryder=My son who was born on 5/13/08
***Hunter=Oldest son born on 6/9/05

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