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Monday, July 28, 2008

In her room with her red fingernails

Saturday I was so aggravated. Billy went to work to do landscaping, fine, whatever. I wanted to go to Target. I got the boys ready and went to get my keys. I couldn't find them anywhere. I texted Billy and asked him where they were. He wrote me and told me he had them! I was pissed. He had them because he had moved my car in the driveway and forgot to bring them back it. When we finally got home we ran to Walmart because he needed aloe. Turns out he didn't put sunscreen on and he knew that he would be working outside. We ended up going to a few other places.

Yesterday we ran to Toys R Us. Hunter has a HUGE collection of Cars the movie diecasts. A few cars were released a week or so ago and we've been on a hunt to find them. They are some of the hardest things to find...meaning we didn't find them. We ended up getting Ryder a cool jumperoo type thing that is a horse. He can't use it yet, but they had it on sale. Of all the things in a toy store Hunter wanted a bat and a baseball. I had to go by Petco to get my dogs some shampoo. We walked around and looked at the adoptable pets. They had a little parakeet and Hunter wanted him, so we got him. I've been wanting a bird, but Hunter used to be very afraid of them. Finally, he wanted one. I'll have to get a picture of him tomorrow. Hunter decided to name him Wubzy...from a favorite show of his, Wow Wow Wubzy. I hung the bird from the ceiling. Ryder can see him from his swing and he just watches the bird. He will smile and laugh at the bird for the longest time.

Here is Hunter with his new bat.

Billy went out to the garage to feed and water our rabbit and he found him dead :( Poor Mr. Floppy. We got him a few months before we got married.

RIP Mr. Floppy 2004-2008

Billy buried him under a tree by our back porch. I think tomorrow Hunter and I are I are going to make him a little cross to put where he's buried at.

Hunter went to my parents today because my brother just got home from New Mexico. He went there on a boy scout trip. Hunter adores my brother. My brother is too influential on Hunter. My brother likes to play video games and some kind of card game (possibly magic of the gathering, but I'm not sure) so now Hunter likes walking around our house with some sort of hand held game system or cards. I got him a massive amount of pokemon cards off ebay for a few bucks lol. He won't know they aren't exactly like my brothers.

Here is Ryder playing on his play mat.

And Hunter on it too with Ryder's pacifier.

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