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Monday, July 21, 2008

The more I listen, the more I have to say.

Friday-Um...I guess my days ran together and I can't really remember what went on that day lol. I do know that Billy had a problem with his check. they neglected to pay him for when he worked last Saturday. I guess it gets confusing doing two different jobs. One involves clocking in and out and the other involves calling your boss to tell them when you arrive at your job. Oh well. They are going to put it on this weeks check.

Saturday-Billy worked another Saturday yet again. His boss taught him how to clean up around the plant. He taught Billy how to buff the floors and other odd jobs. What the heck for, i don't know. I guess it's just some good old fashion ass kissing on Billy's part, so he'll get promoted to his boss's job when he retires next year. After he got home we went to my parents for a BBQ.

Sunday-We made an attempt to seriously clean and get rid of stuff. Mainly stuff in our garage and a shed. Too bad we didn't get too much done since it was over 100 outside. We did have an interesting day to say the least.

Billy was cleaning out our closet and all of a sudden our hot water bottle thing broke and sprayed all over him. It's located in the back of our closet. Luckily it wasn't hot. He screamed for me to come help him. I grabbed all of my purses out of our closet and some shoes before I helped lol. They are too important :) Our closet ended up getting like 2 inches of water. We had to use a shop vac to get all the water out of there.

Later that night we went outside and sat while Hunter played. We had our backs to him. I hear him say " I'm a superhero!" so I turn to look at him. He ran full force into a tree. He hit it hard and started crying. I ran towards him to see if he was ok. He totally freaked me out. I so thought he would have broke something like his nose or hand. Thankfully he didn't. It took me awhile to calm him down. Whenever he was done he started playing again. Later that night Hunter talked to Billy's mom and told her, "The tree hit me." Yea Hunter blame it on the tree lol.

Today we had a plumber come out to fix the hot water bottle heater. They made $50 in 10 minutes. That must be cool. We went grocery shopping before Billy went to work. For the most of the day Hunter and I colored and Ryder slept. He's had a sleepy day today. He actually freaked me out. I told Hunter to go tickle his toes so he could wake him up to eat. Ryder didn't respond. I went and picked up up all frantically and he woke up and looked at me like I was a crazy lady.

I love this onesie I got for Ryder!

I'm a little obsessed trying to match them sometimes.

He was all smiles when he woke up today.

Ok Hunter is asking for me to cook him some soup...disney princess soup lol.

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