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Monday, July 14, 2008

Breeding hate, don't need no segregation

Saturday, Billy picked up an extra day to merchandising. I obviously don't like him working extra, but they paid him a lot more than what the job pays. Some guy went on vacation and they were desperate for help, so they always ask what it'll take for them to get Billy to work. Billy names his price and they pay it. Which is one small perk of his job.

A major downside is they decided that the union workers now have to start work at 3 instead of 4. The office people hate union workers for some reason. The office people aren't union and don't get nearly as many benefits at Billy and a few other guys. So him going in at 3 you'd think he'd get off earlier. Nope. They have to go in to take on some new responsibilities.

When he got home we went to the store to get some things. I had broke my mop earlier that day mopping Hunter's bathroom.

Sunday we went to my friends house, so Hunter could play with her little girl. Hunter is so freakin' small for his age it's crazy. My friends daughter, Kattie, just turned 2 and she's bigger than Hunter. I wish that I would have taken my camera yesterday. I'll have to remember to bring it the next time we go over.

After we were done there, we had to go to the Verizion store to get our new broadband piece. We did some other shopping around the town we were in. We went to Target and I got the boys some matching clothes. It's so fun to dress them alike. Hunter likes it when him and Ryder are wearing the same thing. I'm sure he'll hate it later and be embarrassed of pictures later lol. We also went to a store called Gordmans. I got the boys more clothes. Billy and I didn't have time to look for ourselves, because Hunter decided to have a meltdown.

Ryder turned TWO months old yesterday. I hate how time flies by so quickly! He's a little chunker already. I'm not sure what he weighs, I'll find out on the 17th.

Here he is at two months. Ok he's next to Kenny because I'm going to take shots of Ryder next to it for size comparison. Kenny just so happens to be the biggest stuffed thing we have lol.
Here is Ryder at 1 month.

Here he is sitting in his Bumbo seat.

So just a bit ago I told Hunter he was crazy, he replied back and said, "No, I'm just fun." I guess I couldn't argue with that lol.

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