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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

She spreads her silver wings to offer shade for my pale skin

As Billy and I were putting up our clothes in our bedroom this morning, we realized that we need more room. We can barely open up our closet door, because of Ryder's playpen. We decided that we are going to try to look at houses. We just moved here in March, but it's been so much hassle. I hate everything about living here. The only perk (but is as much of a flaw) is that my parents are close by. With my extra time I've been looking at houses online. I've only found one so far that I like. We looked at houses in the past, but nothing is ever perfect. Hopefully, we can find something this time.

Hunter and I played most of the day with his play food. While I was occupied with Ryder, Hunter played with Cupcake and also all of his poodle toys.

Hunter's quote of the day is, "Mommy, I'm drinking diarrhea." Ok, I suppose this one needs an explanation. Billy brought home some diet soda and gave one to Hunter. I guess Hunter asked what it was, and thought Billy said diarrhea not diet.

Ryder lounging.

Eck it's still doing it. Blurriness sucks. Hunter wanted to eat a jell-o Popsicle.

Hunter gave Ryder a pretend ice cream, since he was eating a Popsicle.

I have to go now and feed my dogs before bathtime.

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Rikki said...

Hunter seems like such a good big brother! Good luck with the house hunt!

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