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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby won't you be my Corona and Lime?

I woke up this morning and Billy rearranged our living room. I've been wanting to, but I haven't had time.

I didn't get to make Mr. Floppy a cross yet. I don't have anything to make it out of. I'm going to ask my parents on Thursday if they have anything that I can use.

Hunter went to my parents house yesterday to see my brother. He came back with this...

Too many pokemon cards. He just sorts them out and looks at them. When he is done he puts them into a tin and carries them around.

Here is Ryder just lounging around.

I found a onesie that belonged to Hunter. I found a picture of Hunter wearing it, so I put it on Ryder. When Hunter fit into the onesie he was 6 months and Ryder is 2.5 months!

When Ryder was taking a nap, Hunter and I went outside to play. Excuse our massive amount of mole hills. Eck. They are so annoying and a PITA to mow over.

My comforter is done in the washing machine and I need to go put it in the dryer!

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