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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

There's a special place knowing no end

The gist of my day, today ~ I woke up and took a bath. Got myself and Ryder dressed. I went out to the living room and watched a bit of TV, while feeding Ryder. I made Hunter breakfast, which he barely ate any of. I cooked lunch and woke Billy up at 12:30. I cleaned up for a bit while Billy and Hunter washed his car before work.

He wants to sell his car. I don't think it's a good idea. I like his car. Even though I can't drive it, because it's a manual. I wanted to learn. I also wanted to learn how to do mods on his car. I've always been interested in cars, especially Mustangs.

Anyways, to get back on track, Billy aggravates the living crap out of me sometimes. It's the pure laziness (or maybe lack of caring) that drives me insane. I folded up Hunter's laundry and put them in order of what drawers they go in. He has 4 drawers in his dresser and things needed to go into each. I asked Billy to put them up, figuring it was an easy task for him to do. Nope, a few hours ago, I got out Hunter's pjs for after his bath. He shoved them all into one drawer.

He left for work. My dad came over shortly after asking if him and my mom could take him out when my mom got off work. My dad never asks things like that, so I said yes. They came and got him. I was hoping to have it easy with one kiddo. Of course not, Ryder ate a lot. When Hunter came back home with a Burger King crown on. I couldn't help but laugh. My mom brought the food he didn't eat home...Mac & Cheese. I had no idea that BK sold that on the kid menu.

Hunter started being a typical 3 year old. He kept on aggravating my dog, Molly. She didn't want to be by him and he kept on following her around. He wanted to read to her. He then asked if he could wake his brother up. I told him no. He decided not to listen and banged on his drums. I finally calmed him down by fixing him dinner. He didn't want to eat too much, so I had to feed him.

I got Hunter and Ryder's baths ready. I cleaned them up. I took Ryder to his room when he was done. Hunter followed behind, then he went back to the bathroom and dumped out Ryder's tub. I had a massive amount of water to clean up. Thanks Hunter.

Now, Hunter is watching Wow Wow Wubzy in my room and Ryder is asleep.

Billy sent me a text message saying that they had 9 more hours of work to do. I feel so bad for him. Holidays are so ruff for him. See he works for Pepsi and people buy a lot of soda and other Pepsi products for holidays. He went in at 4pm and it's about 12am. So 9 more hours is like 9am. That's flipping ridiculous. They are short handed and have been since Memorial Day. They refuse to hire anyone, even though they 2 missing for a full crew. It's a fortune 500 company and they can't have a full staff. It's horrible, he hasn't seen much of Ryder since he was born. He's worked the last 2 Saturdays, even though he's suppose to be off. He has to work this Saturday, because he's off on the 4th.

Ok, I suppose I'm done now. I'm going to put Hunter to bed now.

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