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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Will I be the one that finds a way?

Today Billy went to work in a bit 15 minutes or so. My parents came over and took Hunter to their place for a bit.

I shopped around on ebay for a long time. I got Ryder a cool thing. It's a stuffed turtle that holds a bottle. He doesn't use bottles too much, but it's a pretty cool thing for when he does.

My dad cut my grass for me today. So that's awesome. I looked outside and Hunter had out his lawnmower lol. It's a bad picture, but oh well. I took it from his bedroom window and it's pretty far away from where he was.

I'm slowly catching up on laundry. I had to rewash all the clothes in our closet after the water bottle broke. My room is so flipin' messy right now thanks to clothes that need to be washed. So that on top of my everyday laundry it's insane.

I got Ryder a taggie blanket, and he uses it for it's purpose already lol.

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