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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Still making believe you aren't at all crazy

Hunter drove me crazy today.He wouldn't stop getting into things. It wasn't normal for him. He's calmed down now because he's eating cereal. He loves breakfast type foods.

When Hunter got up we ran to Walgreens to pick up my pictures that Billy uploaded yesterday. We picked up a few other things that we really didn't need. Like candles and toothbrushes.

Hunter was suppose to have a doctor's appointment today and he couldn't go for the 2nd time. Last week he was suppose to go for a check up for a tick bite and also his 3 year wellness check. Well he couldn't go because he is at a new pediatrician and they couldn't give him shots due to them not having his medical records. The reason they didn't have his records because apparently his last dr. closed her office and they had to try harder than normal to get his medical records. Now today he couldn't go because the wellness checkup dr. was on vacation. Whoever scheduled the appointment wasn't suppose to. So now he has to go next week and so does Ryder. There is no way that they are both getting shots on the same day. Hunter is finally getting his MMR shot after I delayed it for 2 years, so he may be fussy.

I started Ryder's scrapbook today and finished it. Which wasn't hard because I only had like 2 months to do on his. I need to buy another book for Hunter. I haven't worked on his since he was 25 months old and now he's 37 months old! I decided that I'm going to make a 'brother' scrapbook for pictures that I have of both of them.

My internet has been pissing me off the last few days. I have broadband internet (thanks to living in the country) and it disconnects after about 5 minutes. I guess Billy will have to call technical support tomorrow.

I guess I have to end it here because I need to give the boys a bath and put them to bed.

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