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Monday, July 7, 2008

Save your happiness for tomorrow

We had a great weekend. It was so nice to have Billy here all weekend.

Friday- Obviously, the 4th. We got up and ran to Festus to see if any stores had anything good on sale, due to the holiday. We went to Peebles (it seems to be a store that carries the same clothes as JCPennys) I got a few shirts and Hunter got a few toys. We also decided to go to Kmart. I got the boys lots of pjs for like $3 a piece. We then went to my parents. They were having a party for my dad's side of the family. Hunter loves it when we have family get togethers. He loves playing with his cousins Jordan and Tyler. He was enjoying playing with them so we decided to sneak away and go get fireworks. We found a stand and got some things. We didn't get too much, because last year he was afraid of fireworks and we didn't want to buy a lot just in case.

Hunter stayed at my parents for awhile afterwards, so Billy and I went home and we played Rock Band.

When Hunter came home Billy shot off some fireworks. Turns out Hunter is still afraid. He watched from the house but he wouldn't go outside.

Saturday-We wanted to go out and go shopping. My mom wanted to go as well. I honestly didn't want her to go. For three reasons:

1. It had been weeks since Billy and I got to spend time together out with the kids.
2. She spends hours looking at one store and never buys anything.
3. She wanted to go to a completely different mall than what where we planned on going.

I couldn't be mean and say no, so she came along. We went to Macy's first. I got the boys some clothes. We went upstairs to the adult clothes. I didn't find anything there. Which is usual. I'm pretty picky about clothes and usually can only find things I like at certain stores. Well my mom spent a long time in the store. Ryder started getting fussy, so I decided to go to the family lounge, so I could feed him. I love that about malls around here. It's so nice that they have rooms for you to breastfeed your baby. I had Billy call my mom and let her know where we went. I expected her to go there once she was done. I nursed him for at least a half hour. When she didn't show up we just went shopping by ourselves. She eventually found us at a store called Deb. She said that she wanted to see if Sears had anything on sale. So we followed her since we had left her earlier. She spent over a hour looking in one section...not even the whole little section. She only bought two shirts. When we finally left, Billy went and got his eyebrows threaded. He usually gets them waxed, but a threading store opened up, and he decided to try it. He said that it hurt lol.

When we got back my mom apparently was sad that we left her at the mall. She told my dad this. I told him that I told her that we told her where we went and she never showed up. He said that she told him that she didn't know where it was at. Which is complete bullshit, because my mom went to the mall with me the previous week and I nursed Ryder in the family lounge then. My mom is slowly going crazy at the age of 45. I love her, but she does drive me nuts because of this.

Sunday- We needed to make a 'circle' around the town we live in. We had to go to a lot of stores. We went to my mom's work first (Walgreens) I had to pick up a few small things. We then went to the cemetery to Camille's grave. I hadn't been there since about a week before Ryder was born. I feel so bad, I just hadn't had a lot of time to go. I put a butterfly decoration on her grave. When we were done we went and picked up some medicine for our Lab. She has allergies and she's been scratching at her back. She's going bald where she has been rubbing her back on the rocks :( We went to Walmart after that to pick up some pictures. I decided to work on my scrapbooks. I never made one for Camille. I had been meaning to do one, but I just didn't have time. I had to make myself make time, because it's been 18 months since I had her. Plus, I had to catch up on Hunter and start Ryders. I had some pictures developed of her and got some stuff for the book.

When we finally got home, Billy took Hunter outside to go swimming. Ryder slept and I started and finished Camille's book! I got so sad looking at her pictures. Ryder looks like her so much from the side. All three kids have the same nose. It feels like a dream. It all happened too fast.
Today-I put 436 pictures onto a CD to get developed. I hadn't developed any pictures since when I first got pregnant with Ryder. Luckily, at my mom's work this week, they are giving employees and their families 55% off photo prints. I'm going to try to remember to finish this later, House is on and I want to watch it.

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