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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Started as a sketch in my notebook

Yesterday. Hunter ended up just going to my parents. We decided to take Ryder with us. My mom had to go to my aunt's house to look through some things that belonged to my grandma. I knew my mom would be occupied doing that. We dropped Hunter off at my aunts. Then Billy, Ryder, and I went to the consignment sale. We got a great deal on some toys and vhs tapes. I got the boys a washer, dryer, ironing board combo. Hunter loves it. I pretty much finished up the boys Easter baskets. I just want to get them some swimming shorts. That way they'll be ready for the water park this summer.
My dad gave us a gift certificate to Olive Garden for Christmas. We finally got to use it. Usually the wait to eat is like an hour. It was only 5 minutes.

Right now we are waiting for Billy to get home from work. There was overtime available for him today doing b.s. around. I hope he's not too late. I need to go grocery shopping.

What I'm listening to: Bombtrack by Rage Against the Machine

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