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Friday, March 13, 2009

I hope that I will never let you down

Contract negotiations are over with for Billy. Everyone excepted the contract, thankfully. I was hoping that they wouldn't go on strike. They all get a bonus for signing today. They usually get IRAs every year (which is a measly 1.6K) now they are turning into 401k. Which is awesome. Billy already has a big chunk from when he worked in St. Louis, since they had that there. Because negotiations took so long Billy has to work tomorrow.

Eck. I really wanted to go to my friends bbq. Well I still may go by myself and the kids. I also want to go to Macys. One near me is closing down on Sunday. They liquidated everything to 90% off! I'm pretty sure my mom wants to go to. So I'll for sure go, if she wants to.

I can't wait for Monday. Billy should be returning to his regular shift. If, Shawn, gets out of the hosital by then. Oh, I assume his eyes were watery because he was crying. Mike gets back from vacation.

So, I opened up my playlist of music. Thanks to Billy, I have a ton of music like Journey. Oh joy.

EPP! Scratch the bbq. My friends brother's wife is in labor. The baby will be 8 weeks early. They lost a son not too long after I lost Camille. I hope that everything will be alright. The dr. said that the baby boy is 5lbs and everything should be fine if he comes early.

What I'm listening to: The Artist in the Ambulance by Thrice

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