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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The salt from my eyes burn

This morning I had to go grocery shopping. I really liked the store. I got organic ketchup for $1.83. I usually pay $3.89 at an all natural store. :thumbs up to that: Fruit is cheaper there than Walmart, besides bananas. It's a 11 cents difference. Oh well. I dislike Walmart a lot and would rather not go there. I'm happy now that I have no reason to go there at all.

Today has been kinda a kick back day. It was nice and relaxing.

Ryder usually makes a big fuss when I look into his mouth to check out his teeth. Not today! He has two more coming in on both sides of his top front teeth. This will make 6 total once they are in. No wonder he's been biting me a lot more lately. I should have figured.

Billy was asked to come in early for the rest of the week. 2 hours before his normal shift starts. He went in early yesterday, but he told Tom that he wouldn't be able make it at the time they wanted. We really needed to get things done around the house and they couldn't do anything about it since they didn't give him a huge notice. Sometimes him being in a union is a huge lifesaver. About 30 minutes before Billy had to leave for work, Tom calls him. Telling him that 'we have a problem, you can't say that you're not going to be in when we tell you. You are going to get an occurrence." An occurrence is Pepsi's tardy system. Billy was mad and he called the head union guy on the way to work. They had a meeting with John. The main guy who runs Pepsi here. John took away the occurrence that Tom gave him. They finally sorted out some problems that has been going on with what time they want Billy to come in. I'm so glad that Billy finally stood up for himself and everything got fixed. He decided not to get take the bid on the driving job. John did say that if he wants Billy to get his CDL soon and he will still pay for it.

I'm done now. My kitty came out of my room. She's very antisocial. She must finally willingly want attention.

What I'm listen to: Whether to Cry or Destroy by Shai Hulud

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