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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die

While my diapers are in the washer, I wanted to vent a little. Eck here goes.

Billy's job drives me crazy. They "promoted" him 2 weeks ago. I say promoted as loosely as possible. His boss called him 3 weeks ago and said " Billy, I have to ask you a question about how something will effect your life." Billy asked him what it was. His boss said that he'd like for him to have a new position. His hours would change to11:30 am - 8pm. His hours were 4pm-12:30am (he barely got out at 12:30 because they can't leave unless their job is finished) So the hours weren't that great. Billy was tired of working his shift because he felt like he was working with kindergartners who fought almost their entire shift. Anyways, Billy accepts. Found out that for a few weeks he'd get a pay decrease. He'd loose his title of Assistant warehouse manager, so he couldn't get paid that amount anymore. Whatever. Billy is promised that when contracts are signed, his wage will go up. He couldn't have the pay increase at the time, because they just added the new position. Contracts are this Friday, so he doesn't know what kind of increase he'll get. So Billy is suppose to get off at 8pm every night. So far, he's only got off at that time a few times. They haven't permanently replaced him at his old position. They took a driver off of his route and made him the extra help in the warehouse. This guy doesn't know what he's doing. The rest of the guys are slow. Billy has to stay to help them get out at a decent time. Which is bullshit. The way his job sees it is that he's working overtime at a very good rate, so he shouldn't complain. Well he barely gets to see his kids during the week because of this. Most nights he gets off at 10:30. Well not tonight. He'll be working from 11:30-past midnight. Why? Because they are shorthanded. 1 driver and 1 warehouse guy is on vacation this week. The extra help the warehouse had, is picking up the driver on vacation's route. So the warehouse is short handed 2 people. Eck. I don't get it. He works for Pepsi. They are a BIG company. They can easily hire more people. They don't though. Instead, my husband, gets screwed every which way. Simply, because he is capable of doing every thing that has to do with Pepsi (at his location)
Going back to why I said it's hardly a promotion. One of the big managers (Tom) decided to pretty much make Billy his bitch. Billy is there to make Tom's day so much easier. That way he can sit on his butt in his office. Which really wouldn't be that bad if he was able to get off at the time he was promised. Billy doesn't want to complain yet until contracts are done. They could easily take the position away from him. It should have went up for bid. Some how it didn't. Tom wanted Billy for this position because he knew Billy would do everything without complaining. Tom by passed union rules somehow to get Billy to be his bitch.

I'm done now.

What I'm listening to: Folsom Prison Blues by Mike Ness (Johnny Cash cover)

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