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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The fairy tale slowly fades to black

Ryder is going to be the proud owner of these! I found an auction on ebay where someone was auctioning them both of with free shipping. Awesome score! His Toys R Us gifts came in today. They are all already hidden in my closet. Obviously, I'm not worried about Ryder finding them. I'm worried about Hunter. He doesn't normally go in there.

My mother in law is coming here this weekend. Which means I have to take precautions with hiding my things. One of his sister may take something. It's happened before. It's a pain in the butt having to worry if someone is going to steal while they are here. Maybe she won't come? She's been willingly living in a car with her boyfriend. Even though MIL says she can stay there. The worst part of the situation is that she has a 6 month old daughter. She doesn't take care of her. Her daughter stays with MIL. Kinda cool considering she tried her hardest to get pregnant.

I have to go now. Ryder is done jumping in his horse.

What I'm listening to: Collusionist by Most Precious Blood

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kel said...

Well, that's a shame you have to worry about that stuff. But the Yo Gabba Gabba stuff is awesome!

nice to meet you!

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