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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We were lonely wheat quietly ground into grain

My grandma's estate sell went well I guess. There wasn't anything that I really wanted. It was mainly tools and farm equipment that used to belong to my grandpa. I got a breadmaker for $7.50. It doesn't appear that my grandma ever used it. I can't wait to start making bread! Billy got like 100 records for $1. I may start going to estate sales. It seemed kinda neat. I'm sure it'll be funner when you buy a box of miscellaneous items from a stranger rather than your grandparents.

Hunter was suppose to have his tooth pulled today. It didn't happen. I'm pretty peeved about that. He chipped his front tooth when he was 18 months old. He was running around after one of our dogs and he tripped and he face landed right into a leg of one of our chairs in the living room. A dentist told us there was nothing they could do until it turned grey. It did last year. We had it crowed. That fell off a few times. We decided to have it pulled. Hunter was suppose to have his tooth pulled today at 9am. He went a week and a half ago to have xrays of his tooth and he was prescribed amoxicillin just in case he had an infection. I was under the impression that he'd be fully knocked out, because they said that they were going to use nitrous oxide. I haven't had too many cavities or whatever, so I guess I'm not sure how the dentist works. So I guess it could be my fault. I just know when I got my wisdom teeth cut out they knocked me out with nitrous. So I assumed when his dentist said they'd use nitrous, he'd be knocked out.
Anyways. We get there. They have Hunter sit on Billy's lap. They give him nitrous. Then they tried giving him a shot. Hunter jerked his head and they said they weren't going to pull his tooth. That was it. No second chance trying to give him the shot. They didn't even warn Hunter or Billy what they were about to do. They just tried to sneak attack Hunter with a shot. Serious what is a kids initial reaction going to be? So they recommend us to a dentist that is an hour and a half away that will put him out. They never once told us that it may not work out and we'd have to go somewhere else. We'll have to make the drive for the initial visit and then go back for his surgery date.
So it's quite aggervating. Hunter has been sleeping for the past 4 hours, because the nitrous did make him tired afterwards.

I have a love hate thing going on with living near a hospital. I hear sirens and helicopters daily...well maybe hourly. It gets rather annoying. At the same time I'm thankful that there is one near by, just in case.

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