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Friday, March 20, 2009

Burning like a candle at the end of its wick

I'm excited. Tomorrow is a busy shopping day. First Billy and I are going to drop the boys off at my parents. My mom said that she'd watch them while we go out. First there is a huge consignment kids sale I want to go to. There is suppose to be over 50,000 items. I can't wait. It only happens 2 times a year. I usually forget about things like this. Thankfully, I put it on the calender on my phone. We need to go to Toys R Us, because I found out that they have Yo Gabba Gabba bowls, cups, and silverware. It'll be a good birthday present or Easter basket item for Ryder. I'm not sure which one yet. Most likely Easter. Thanks to Tess I found out that they are having a Little People event there tomorrow. Free DVDs are being given out. I know we are going to the Juicy store after those two. Then we are going to Once Upon a Child to look at spring clothes for the boys.

Ok. It's dinner time for the boys. Hunter wants tomato soup and grilled cheese lol.

For the record: I love pandora radio. I like that I can listen to Rancid, AFI, and like music for free.

What I'm listening to: I Wanna Riot by Rancid

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